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Rabbi Charles Simon

"Rabbi Charles Simon has served as the Executive Director of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs since 1981. Under his guidance, FJMC has produced numerous books, guides, films, and programs designed to enhance Jewish life, for men and women and their communities at large.

An active innovator, Rabbi Simon has been responsible for the production of a host of materials designed to make Jewish life more accessible. These accomplishments include the development of the highly acclaimed A_rt of Jewish Living _series, authored by Dr. Ron Wolfson, the writing and production of two educational films, _A Guide to the Shabbat Morning Torah Service_ and _The Ties That Bind_. He edited and supervised the _Hearing Men’s Voices _series, a series of five manuals designed to assist Jewish men to address issues facing them today. Rabbi Simon has also written 2 books devoted to teaching people how to lead and participate in community prayer. He has been published in Commentary Magazine, Judaism Magazine and Reform Judaism.

In the winter of 2000 Rabbi Simon was asked by the leadership of the FJMC to place the issue of intermarriage on the agenda of the Conservative Movement. Ten years later FJMC’s Keruv (Outreach) Initiative involves more than 65 congregations and approximately 87 volunteers in various stages of re-positioning their synagogues to meet the challenge of demographic change.

Rabbi Simon was instrumental in the creation of the Leadership Council of Conservative Judaism. In addition to these activities he is responsible for starting and nurturing three Masorti congregations in France and two in the United Kingdom. His _Mezuzah Housewarming party_ was translated into Spanish in 2005 as was his film _The Ties That Bind_. He has been instrumental in sending Torahs to our developing congregations and was responsible for the current translation of Sim Shalom into French. Under his guidance the FJMC created a fund designed to provide _Tefillin_ and _mezuzot_ to our congregations in Latin America and Europe. In November 2007 Rabbi Simon received the prestigious _Sheirut l’am (Service to our People) _award from the World Council of Synagogues. He currently serves as the Conservative Movement’s representative to Europe.

His most recent endeavor are a weekly haftarah commentary that began in October 2009 and A book titled, _Developing a Successful Volunteer Culture_, published by Jewish Lights publishing company.

A 1977 graduate of the Rabbinical School of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Rabbi Simon served as a congregational rabbi before coming to the FJMC. His primary interest is the development of lay leadership and the cultivation of volunteers. He lives in New York with his wife Mary Katzin."